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    OMAG was founded in 1979 by Angelo Albani to develop specialized machinery for working in marble, granite, porphyritic and sedimentary stones and glass. Now after more than thirty years, OMAG is an acknowledged leader in the field, constantly expanding its product line to meet every changing requirements.

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    One striking advantage that OMAG has over her competitors is a large size and modern machine shop with many computer controlled machines. This permits extensive testing of different concepts, tools and materials. Their experience with computerized manufacturing aids in the in-house development of software which is then subject to extensive trial runs prior to the release. This approach ensures reliability and professional and punctual service.

    After the machine is chosen, it is then personalized according to the customer’s needs and installed by OMAG personnel. The relationship does not stop here however support continues until the customer has obtained the ability to use the equipment to its full potential. We are always available for service requirements, technical advice and training.