Integrated, collaborative and
approach to innovation

The winning card of our research team is the approach aimed at the real needs of the customer trying to fully satisfy his expectations in the construction of plants and machine tools.

Research and development is at the heart of our growth strategy and our identity as a technology company.

We are engaged in the development of new technologies for the sectors in which we have gained over forty years of experience and in the search for software and mechanical solutions that meet and anticipate market demands.

This strong commitment to innovation is the reason why we invest significant resources in R&

OMAG is composed of:

A modern mechanical workshop, with cutting-edge production and technological capacity, which produces and controls the specific components of all machine models;

A team of informatic engineers who constantly develop the application programs necessary to make the most of the potential of the machines, always with the maximum attention to ease of use

OMAG boasts collaborations with important universities, technology suppliers, research centers and commercial partners.In recent years he has developed projects and has created machines with European universities in the field of 3D printing.

“The perfection of the sign,
the beauty of form.
Not just a slogan, but quality
of the products
processed with our machines.”

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