OMAG Made to measure

Omag designs, produces and distributes technology,

Our skill lies in manufacturing CNC machines for different industries.

In these 45 years of activity Omag has produced systems intended for the world of natural stone, granite, marble, artificial stone and similar, ceramic, glass, cement and acrylic.

OMAG is an Italian company founded by Cav. Angelo Albani, now in its second generation, present on the machine tool market for over 45 years, leader in the production of large customizable machining centres, appreciated in all sectors where maximum rigidity, high performance and high precision.

OMAG does not limit itself to designing and building its own machines, but has concentrated group companies in its production area, with specific skills (carpentry, mechanical processing, software and research), in synergy with each other, in order to guarantee global control of quality.

Cutting, shaping, polishing, engraving, sculpture, these are the functions required of a numerically controlled machining center and OMAG is able to fully satisfy its customers’ expectations. Systems and methods of loading and unloading the pieces to be machined today are crucial and necessary phases for calculating the productivity of a plant.

A great effort has been made in developing a human/machine interface, so called (HMI), which is flexible, fast, safe to use and modern. All this is now essential to integrate our systems with the parameters required by “industry 4.0 and 5.0”.

Providing solutions is what we have always done and what we intend to continue doing, integrating our products and services with the most innovative solutions on the world market.

In designing its systems, Omag knows exactly the expectations of its customers, OMAG has always thought that efficiency is doing things well and that effectiveness is doing the right things.

The training service is one of our strong points. We believe that training our clients is one of the fundamental pillars for professional and personal success.

Training is an important tool, as it allows you to acquire new knowledge and skills that can be used to improve and achieve your goals

Industry 4.0Productivity increases, waste decreases.

Industry 4.0 has for some years been at the centre of economic transformation in Italy and the World. Its processes stem from the fourth industrial revolution and that is leading to a fully automated and interconnected industrial production.

Industry 4.0, including a technological mix of robotics, sensors, connection and programming, represents a new revolution in the way of manufacturing products and organizing work.


This revolution, compared to the previous ones, sees as championing the use within the production plant of “enabling technologies“, solutions or technological improvements, which contain a lot of research and development within them and are able to “Revitalize the production system”.

This technology allows bringing more information, more integration, more interaction and more efficiency to factories inside and outside, renewing processes and systems but also bringing new rules of communication and service.

New generation software that allows making it possible to understand and transform the plurality of information that can be generated by a high-tech machine into strategic actions.

Productivity increases, waste decreases.

Greater flexibility through the production of small lot at large scale costs
Greater speed from prototype to series production through innovative technologies
Greater productivity through shorter set-up times, reduction of errors and downtime
Better quality and less waste thanks to sensors that monitor production in real time
Greater product competitiveness thanks to greater functionality deriving from the Internet of things.

An example of some conditions necessary for a machine to be recognized 4.0

This new approach is integrated into OMAG’s daily processes for the production of machine tools and cnc working centers for processing marble, natural stone, quartzite, glass, ceramic and plastics.

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