Fast cut

It allows you to optimize cutting, reducing waste and machine usage times to a minimum
It is installed and used on the machine control panel (21 inch touch screen).
OMAG FAST CUT is easy to use:

PHOTO – Camera for importing plate images

This represents an advanced and reliable solution to improve efficiency and precision.
The system, composed of a high-resolution camera and powerful image processing software, allows the machines to precisely detect and analyze the profiles and colors of the materials, guaranteeing optimal results and reducing waste of time and material.


Nesting is the process of efficiently placing multiple shapes into a specified surface area.
Raw materials (whether natural stone or ceramic slabs) are increasingly expensive, therefore, the best solution is to create nesting structures to group together as many parts as possible.
This process maximizes usage, decreases waste and minimizes material costs.


It is the practice of matching two (or more) stone surfaces, so that two adjacent surfaces mirror each other, giving the impression of an open book


The software to program the cutting sequence of the slabs to obtain the continuous vein effect