Why Green

Power Regen. System

When a motor decelerates it produces energy which is normally absorbed by a discharge resistor which dissipates it into the environment in the form of heat.

The power regeneration system consists of a power supply unit connected between the servo amplifier and the power source; the energy produced is returned to the primary power source to be used by other equipment.

PWM Control

OMAG CNC systems adopt high-speed PWM (Pulse width modulation) control to reduce power consumption losses.

This function provides a concrete reduction in energy consumption thanks to the reduction of the pulse amplitude.

For example, a single axis motor can save up to 5% energy (from 1.04 kW to 0.95 kW).

Power consumption monitor

This function allows accurate monitoring of values to be able to adjust processing conditions.

Both consumption energy and regeneration energy are displayed on the CNC screen as follows:

This feature allows the supplied systems to optimize the phase of the motor current based on the spindle motor temperature. The spindle motor is equipped with a thermistor that sends the winding temperature to the CNC: the CNC optimizes the current phase to reduce the temperature rise.

Current phase control

An experimental test carried out has shown that this function reduces the increase in winding temperature by 7%, which corresponds to a 2% reduction in energy consumption