5-axis manual & automatic (CNC) shaping milling machine

This machining center was designed with the aim of being able to offer in a single space a machine capable of being able to carry out all the processes required to a small or medium-sized laboratory.

Cutting geometries can be imported either in standard DXF format or in CVS format (simple spreadsheet). Once the cutting geometries have been defined, we then move on to the choice of positioning the individual elements in the cutting plate, the NESTING function performs this operation automatically, the user can always customize the cut respecting any grain of the material. Optimizing cutting means minimizing material waste and therefore not intervening manually during the cutting phases.

Controlled motiox axes 5
Workbench 141″X 78,7″ + 19,6″ / 3.600X 2.200 mm
Tilting table function 85° -3.520 lbs loading / 1.600 Kg carico
Cutting Thickness with ø 24,6″(625 mm) disc 7’87” / 200 mm
Minimum cutting disc ø 13,7″ / 350 mm
Axis X – Transverse axis stroke 141″ / 3.600 mm
Axis Y – Bridge axis stroke 98,4″ / 2.500 mm
Axis Z – Vertical axis travel 15,7″ / 500-700 mm
Axis C – Rotation in axis of the disk 0°+ / -200°
Axis B – Disc inclination 0° + 90°
Disc motor power and rotation (S6) 24,4 Hp / 5.000 Rpm
Water consumption 40 liters per minute / litri al minuto
Approximate Weight 8.820 lbs/4.000 Kg
Overal dimensions check the drawing / vedi layout
Shipping volume on demand
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